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26 Oct by Rauk Krawler

The 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor

We are Land Rover fans to the core, but we are also fans of high-performance off-road vehicles. In 2023, Ford will be dropping a bomb on the automotive industry when they release the new Ford Bronco Raptor. I for one am ecstatic to see how this machine looks, and performs. Until then, there will be […]
8 Jul by Rauk Krawler

2020 Defender 90

The iconic Defender 90 is back and it’s as beautiful as ever. With it’s classic D90 look, with a modern twist, this vehicle is being purchased of car lots all over the world. The demand has been so high, that there are 1-year waiting lists in some states. As Land Rover continues to reinvent their […]
17 Apr by Rauk Krawler

LR3 Air Bag To Coil Conversion

I picked up a 2007 LR3 and the previous owner had already converted the air bag suspension into a strut and coil suspension kit. The problem I had is that they only went to standard height and didn’t spend the extra money to give it the 2′ lift. The 2′ Lift For some guys, an […]