2020 Defender 90

8 Jul by Rauk Krawler

2020 Defender 90

The iconic Defender 90 is back and it’s as beautiful as ever. With it’s classic D90 look, with a modern twist, this vehicle is being purchased of car lots all over the world. The demand has been so high, that there are 1-year waiting lists in some states.

As Land Rover continues to reinvent their brand and attract more customers outside of the European market, the new sleek designs are grabbing the attention of American consumers that hadn’t previously thought about purchasing a Land Rover. The sleek new body styles are comparable to most mid-size SUV’s being driven in the U.S.

With new Land Rover owners flocking to the dealerships to get their hands on the new 2020 Defender 90, many of the classic generation from the 80’s to late 90’s are surfacing for sale. These models will always have a cult following, and a refurbished D90 could sell for six figures if refurbished right. These classic Rovers are fetching some serious coin, but will the 2020 ever be a cult classic like the older versions? It’s hard to say, and only time will tell.

Land Rover hasn’t sold the Defender in the U.S. since 1997, this is mostly due to safety regulations regarding air bags, infact, it is illegal to import a Defender from that era. But next year there will be multiple versions of the Defender available to U.S. buyers, and obviously, the airbag issue was resolved with this version. The base version of the four-door Defender 110 starts at $50,925. There will also be S, SE, HSE, and X trims, and a limited-run First Edition will also be available that starts at $69,675. The SE and the HSE trims will be compatible to the Land Rover LR3 and the features available in those two versions of the vehicle.

This new Defender model represents 70 years of innovation and improvement; all while honoring the vehicle’s history for rugged solidity while thoroughly remaining a Land Rover Defender for the modern day. This two-door Defender 90 model will come to the U.S. after the four-door 110, probably by the end of 2020, if COVID-19 doesn’t disrupt things.The 90 model has a wheelbase measuring 101.9 inches, and the rear-mounted external spare tire is a nod to tradition. It’s possible to choose all sorts of add-ons for the Defender via various accessory packs.

This bad boy features their toughest materials yet and tested to its very limits. The Defender has been designed for optimum durability, performance, and comfort. The Defender can handle extreme terrains and confidently takes you from the streets of your downtown city, to the mountainous terrain of the countryside. This has been designed with undoubted integrity, and unrivaled purpose. Equipped for 21st century adventures, our most intuitive technologies to date ensure convenience, connectivity and visibility.

We encourage anyone interested to stop by your local Land Rover dealership to test drive the new 2020 Defender 90. Land Rover is sending out a fleet to tour the country, giving dealerships the opportunity to have them in stock for test driving purposes. Call your local dealer today and find out when the 2020 defender 90 will be in your city.